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Wednesday, April 20th, 2011
11:32 am
Krishna Lunch's Worshipable Almond Dressing

Photo from the Internet

Have you an inkling to make a home-made salad dressing from scratch? Here's one that is completely vegan and very, very unusual. Read more...Collapse )

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Friday, February 19th, 2010
5:00 pm
Crispy Cheesy Thing

I've been promising this post for what seems forever ... and ... I've no idea why it's taken so long ... but here it is ... the Crispy Cheesy Thing ...

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Sunday, June 10th, 2007
10:00 pm
Crema De Chile Poblano - Spicy But With The Heart And Soul Of Old Mexico

[Warning ... this is not a vegetarian recipe!]

Another recipe here - and I think another one of the triumphs of prepared cuisine. There is a store named Deals Only in Bellingham, WA. This is a somewhat funky store run by Russian folk and full of deals - overstocks and out-of-date items - kick-outs from stores - and just plain junk - with an occasional fungus, beetle or two thrown in there as well for good measure. It isn't as cheap as it used to be - but compared to regular retail stores in the area - and Bellingham prices ARE CHEAP compared to Vancouver, BC - you can save a significant amount of money. There is something that I refer to as "The Deals Only Effect" - which is buying far more than you actually need and then running out of space to put it - as well as forgetting that you actually DID buy it in the first place.

One day we found a shelf-load of this soup:

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Monday, April 2nd, 2007
12:00 pm
Friday, November 24th, 2006
7:00 pm
Green Goddess Dressing

[Warning ... this is not a vegetarian recipe!]

Many years ago Bobby, my first lover, and I used to go to a restaurant in the Pompano Beach, Florida area called "One Potato, Two Potato." We had a favourite waitress there (don't we all)... one day she left... eventually the restaurant folded. Who knows why?

One of the memorable things from this restaurant was a salad - it was basically iceberg lettuce quartered and placed into an iced stainless steel bowl and served with a set of different salad dressings to chose from on the side. One of them was Green Goddess Dressing. There was never an option... it had to be Green Goddess Dressing. The flavour never left me... I had absolutely no idea what it was made of... and I never tasted it again for over 25 years.

I always planned on researching it... and of course the Internet made this possible... a few times I ran it by... but today I actually made it from the original recipe with just one slight modification...

I changed the 2 cups of mayonnaise to 1 cup and then added 1 cup of real sour cream. This I felt was important because as I remembered it - the dressing was a light dance of sour and salt [from the anchovy].

As far as preparation is concerned... a blender... or food processor... no need to chop, mince, etc... just stick everything in... and process for a long time... the mixture will become green and have a runny texture. When done, just stick the blender or food processor container in the refrigerator for at least two hours. At that time it will become quite thick... pour it into a nice serving item for the table.

Now take that very cold (not frozen) iceberg lettuce, quarter it up, serve one quarter to each person in a bowl. Have them cut it up themselves into coarsely blockish pieces... then have them serve themselves the dressing on top of the lettuce cubes... a little freshly ground pepper... no salt! The fork perfectly stabs the lettuce cubes and lifts the dressing to the mouth... sigh...

It turned out to be exactly how I remembered it was... the best of all possible salad dressings. Turns out that (from the links I've given) this was developed in San Francisco by a chef to honour a man and his play... and it was the most popular salad dressing until ranch dressing came along. So odd that it is almost never found anymore. I did find this:

I saw this in my local organic market, but have not tried it. It would be hard to believe that it would taste as fresh and good... but it is organic.

Knowing how well fresh dill goes with salmon, it is not much of a stretch to imagine how good salmon would be with this dressing as a sauce... I'm going to try that too!

Give this salad dressing a go... even if you freak out at the thought of anchovies... you just can't find that taste there... there is no fishy smell either. Lucky for Airn and me, there are two more iceberg lettuce quarters in the refrigerator and enough leftover dressing for tomorrow!

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